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Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs

Most people have heard that chocolate can poison dogs. It is the theobromine in the chocolate that poisons them. It affects their central nervous system, agitating it, which sometimes results in epileptic seizures. The quantity has to be high enough for it to be lethal. Different kinds of chocolate contain less or more theobromine per ounce. It takes so many ounces per pound of body weight for each kind of chocolate to sicken a dog.Theobromine 1) Milk chocolate: 44 mg. per ounce2) Semisweet chocolate: 150 mg per ounce3) Baker's chocolate: 390 mg. per ounce4) Hot chocolate 12 mg per ounceSo if a certain chocolate is lethal for a particular dog is determined by the type of chocolate and the animal's body weight. For Each Pound of Body Weight 200 OuncesFor a 10-pound dog it would take 125 pounds of white chocolate to cause him to show symptoms of chocolate poisoning. A 20-pound dog would have to eat 250 pounds.For Each Pound of Body Weight 1 OunceIt takes around one pound of milk chocolate to poison a 20-pound ...


Dog Training Suggestions To Get The Best Final Results

It's been said that one of the biggest stress reducers will be to own a furry companion, primarily a pet doggie. Pet dogs are frequently brought to therapeutic establishments to help soothe individuals and convey them enjoyment. Needless to say, if you've had a brand new pooch in your house, then you already know that it will deliver as much stress as it does smiles of pleasure. The ideal time to start training your dog will begin while it is still a pup. Having said that, regardless of what the actual age, instilling beneficial learning in your dog is quite effective right now plus in the future. These are some ways that you can get just about the most delight through your furry friend by means of dog training.If you cannot calmly deal with your pet, it is best to put instruction to one side til you have composed your own emotional state. The dog does not understand bad emotional behavior. Frustration can set in with your canine in the event you end up being frustrated with endeavoring to work with basics. P...


As Your Cat Grows

The average life expectancy of a cat is around fifteen years, but many lead active and happy lives into their twenties and a few even manage the early thirties. The oldest cat recorded was thirty-four years five months old when she died. So what can you expect from your kitten as he grows up? As a baby (under four weeks of age) everything has to be done for him; as a toddler (at five to eight weeks) he has to be carefully supervised; as a child of two to nine months, he is active, playful and adventurous. All these stages are expected, but the teenage phase can take many owners by surprise.Just like human teenagers, many cats seem to have a super abundance of energy. If they have a feline friend they can use up some of it in play, but if they do not, they may start playing boisterously with their owners, jumping out and ambushing them and giving them painful nips. They should be kept fully occupied or they can get into mischief. Regular play sessions, where the play is of the owner's choosing, will help ward ...


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